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Long time coming….

Haven’t posted in such a long time, geez don’t even know where time goes. Thought I would just update on where I’m at at the moment. I have now finished all my placements for uni and am on the home stretch. Not long to go until I graduate and start internship- exciting but at the same time a scary thought.

Now the boring stuffs out of the way, I just wanted to share my new love- Balenciaga Round Tube M! Its funny how fate works.. when I was in the US late last year- early this year I had so much trouble trying to hunt this bag down in a specific seasonal colour and I had no luck…I was so devastated. I really had my mind set on this particular bag. A few months ago something sparked a nerve and I decided to try and hunt the bag down again. I emailed the las vegas store and they so happened to have gotten in this seasons limited edition colour (which looked similar to the colour I was wanting). Without a second thought I had to have it and voila I introduce my new baby!





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Urbanwalkabout #SouthYarra

Today, my only day off for 3 weeks…I wish time would go slower!

I decided not to sleep in today and use my free time wisely. Ed and I decided to take a casual stroll up to my favorite cafe – Luxbite and on the way, take some snaps of the area we live in to give an insight of our neighborhood.

Gosh I haven’t stepped foot into Luxbite for ages, been craving for their macaroons all week! They’ve also renovated the place, it looks modern and vibrant. Definitely a relaxing, quiet place to enjoy a coffee and dessert. I usually order an affogato when I’m there but decided to have an iced coffee this time and my usual macaroons (watermelon and sour strawberry..droollll). Ed is boring as heck and ALWAYS has a latte and lemon meringue tart.

If you guys ever have a chance to come down to Melbourne I would absolutely recommend The Olsen for accommodation because its close to everything (trams, trains, Chapel st, cafes, shopping) minus the clutter of staying in the heart of the city (only 5 minute train ride away).

Can’t wait until Uni placement is over, definitely need to hit the shops and enjoy some retail therapy!


The end of a life changing experience

Gosh it’s been such a long time since I last blogged, must be the laziest blogger ever!

I just wanted to update you guys on what I’ve been up to recently and upload the last of my photos from my amazing trip.

I’ve been back home for nearly two weeks now however I still feel like I’m in holiday mode. The US was a life changing experience, their shopping, their lifestyle, their food, their fashion…everything was worth seeing and experiencing first hand. I really feel refreshed and never more clear of what I want in life and what I have to aim for. Definitely 6 weeks well spent haha! I’m going to stop rambling on about how wonderful the US was and upload some photos I think, before I get too carried away haha.

Although reality hasn’t hit me yet but I’m sure next week will be a big eye opener because I will be going on my first of four 3 week uni placements. Good-bye freedom and sleep!    DSC03367DSC07543DSC08230DSC05777DSC07925 DSC09001 DSC09068 IMG-20121207-00427DSC04351DSC04394DSC04948 DSC05121DSC08105DSC08305IMG-20130106-00948DSC08260

Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Katie Sky – Sweet Sweet Melody

Just wanted to share with you guys this amazing song by Katie Sky – Sweet Sweet Melody


Hi fellows!

Just wanted to quickly recap on my experience in Sydney since Ed and I spent a couple of nights there before we came home. We stayed in the heart of the city so everything was really convenient. The shopping there is definitely better than Melbourne, I’m even considering just flying over to Sydney every so often just to go shopping haha. I managed to find the chanel mirror duo facette limited edition in their Myer which I was super excited about because they were out of stock in the New York Chanel boutique =). I also found a little nice clothing boutique in Paddington called Zeitgeist. They had really bright and trendy clothing and when I went they had 50% off everything so it was a bargain too. They don’t have a website but here’s their address in case you live in Sydney or will be visiting, should definitely…

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Disneyland California

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Los Angeles

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